Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day Before Hell and Back 10km Obstacle Course

Just a quick post about my race tomorrow! I'm starting at 11am in the first 'wave'. There are three waves, one at 11am, 12pm and 12.20pm. They do this to prevent too many people coming up to the obstacles at once! The red wave is typically for the fastest people, and that I certainly am not. My brother and his friends are running in that wave so I requested to be put into it, no way I was going to wait at the line till 12 or 12.20, for me to see my brother finish and for me to not even have started! I get ridiculously nervous before races so that wait would reduce me to a blubbering shaking idiot I would imagine!

Pretty sure I overdid it this week with training which was stupid. My legs are sore, my knees are sore and my legs feel heavy. NOT what I want to be feeling before a race. This is my second day of rest so hopefully by tomorrow I'll feel better. Should have listened to my body at the beginning of the week and done the very minimum but I pushed through a very bad chest, cough and nausea and managed an easy 10km on Tuesday, and an easy 5km on Thursday. I went to the gym on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and on the Thursday I did some new exercises that are part of my new 3-day routine. I only did 2 sets and the prescribed 4 of each one to just feel them out and not do too much... DO NOT EVER DO NEW EXERCISES 3 DAYS BEFORE YOU HAVE A RACE NO MATTER HOW EASY THEY SEEM. Christ, I could punch myself.  Sure fuck it, we live and learn.

I'll be writing up a detailed post of the whole course and all the obstacles next week! I'm going to stay up in my apartment for college for a few days and hit the gym up there too so I'll see how that goes! That's it for now really, I hope to finish tomorrows course in good time and I'll be aiming to be in the top 10-15% of women who run it. Before a race I think a lot of people doubt their training and their abilities which is what I'm doing now but I'm not gonna listen to my troll brain and I'm juts gonna do the best I can! Wish me luck!

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