Friday, January 18, 2013

Drop it low girl!

I was reading a fascinating article the other day about how everything we know about fitness is a lie. This is something I've always been aware of, the general misconceptions around fitness that is, but I never really knew the true extent of it nor had I seen it written with such clarity and expertise. It's a very eye opening article, this is the link, give it a read and I guarantee you will feel somewhat differently about gyms and fitness in general.

What hit me the most about the article was just how important squats are. I've never enjoyed squats, I have very strong legs but I have never used squats to get them there. The article highlights how the barbell squat it is a pivotal element in any fitness routine; the foundation you should base your entire routine upon. So, with this on board I decided to learn how to do a barbell squat today. It was not half as bad as I thought and I felt pretty bad ass while doing it!

So needless to say this exercise will now be a part of my workout routine from now on! I didn't mind doing it in the gym today as it was late in the evening and there was hardly anyone around but I'll need to get over not wanting to do it in front of too many people pretty quick! When I get back to college I'm going to head to the gym late at night too so I can suss out the weights room properly without anyone in it. I don't feel embarrassed working out in front of anyone, but the one thing I do get embarrassed about is if someone sees me faffin about and looking like I don't know what I'm doing. So once I get acquainted with the equipment there I won't have an issue at all doing what I want to do! The equipment in my college gym is a lot more modern, and I can imagine all the unnecessary bells and whistles will confuse the shit out of me. I was talking to the guy who owns the gym and he had a look at my routine and said that women usually benefit more from more reps, I've heard this before, so I'm going to increase my reps from 12 to 15 on most of the machines from now on. I've added the squat in now so that'll be Squat, 15 x 3! Next step, learn what I need to do for a pullup, I swear!

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